State Archery Results

2012 Season
(2011-2012 Indoor)



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2012 Season · State Other - 3D Results

3D State
July 7-8, 2012
Cinnamon Creek Ranch
District 5
13794 Old Denton Road
Roanoke, Texas 76262

Combined scores are listed in a yellow background.
New and established records are listed in italics red.
Scores winning via a shootoff are listed in italics green.

Cub Male (11 and Under)
Freestyle (FS)
1Stephens, Hunter53716
2Fuson, Landon48614
3Stephens, Drake4696
Youth Male (12-14)
Freestyle (FS)
1Griffin, Kade5168
2Griffin, Cameron3985
Freestyle Limited Recurve/Longbow (FSL-R/L)
1Wells, Parker1901
Youth Female (12-14)
Freestyle (FS)
1Knabe, Angela4407
Young Adult Male (15-17)
Freestyle (FS)
1David, Reece51410
Adult Male (18-49)
Champion FlightFreestyle (FS)
1Chambers, Marty55829
2Kuhl, Rodger55617
3Holguin, Edward55420
4Hansen, Chris55229
5Shearin, Ken55221
6Merritt, Erin5529
7Money, Mark55016
8Webb, Steven54224
Flight 1Freestyle (FS)
1Seibert, Jack53715
2Foltz, Todd5248
3Lovejoy, Rodney52312
4Espinoza, David51513
5Coleman, Chris4592
6Fritts, Bo [INC]00
6Schaeffer, Keith [INC]00
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
1Fuson, Robby55021
2Goens, Richard52913
3Wall, Roper52813
4Cox, Kenneth52116
5Hoffman, Dearl5088
6Keyes, Jeff50210
7Stephens, Harold4812
8Stephens, Richard4765
9Fusion, Amos4447
Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (BHFSL)
1Lowe, Michael54115
Traditional (TRAD)
1Johnson, Ryan5026
2Lutsinger, Chris3703
3Daniel, Danny3605
4Randle, Chris3243
Guest (Guest)
1Daniel, Danny [GUEST]3513
Adult Female (18-49)
Freestyle (FS)
1Braden, Georgianna54620
2Hughes, Merissa4902
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
1Brewer, Teresa50010
Traditional (TRAD)
1McKenzie, Michelle3492
Adult Pro Male (18-49)
Freestyle (FS)
1Braden, Michael55240
Senior Male (50-59)
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
1Brewer, Dale4672
Senior Female (50-59)
Freestyle (FS)
1Chambers, Julie5287
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
1Wall, Rhonda48710
Guest (Guest)
1Wall, Rhonda [GUEST]4827
Master Senior Male (70+)
Freestyle (FS)
1Barber, Nolen49311

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